Body Positive Victories: I wore a bikini, and it was awesome.

This post is in part, a response to Jenny Trout's lovely article on the Huffington Post a few weeks ago.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, when my partner and I were traveling to visit family on the east coast, we had the opportunity to go to the beach.  It's not often I go to the beach, living in the Bay Area, where the ocean is mad cold all the time.  I decided to jump on this opportunity to wear a bikini.

Now, I don't have what society terms a "bikini body".  I'm short and muscular and I have a soft tummy and my thigh gap, as Lacy puts it, is on the outside of my thighs.  But I am of the firm opinion that to have a bikini body, one simply needs to put one's body in a bikini, so that is what I did.


So please overlook the fact that I'm staring directly into the sun and my hair is doing who knows what, and concentrate for a moment on how damn HAPPY I look.  My less-than-picture perfect, very white, not totally-in-shape body is on a beach, in a bikini, and I am STOKED!

I wore a bikini and something happened - I felt totally happy, free, and good about my body.  

I'd expected nothing to happen, which would have been fine too.  But I didn't anticipate that I'd be so down with it, so happy to be out in the sun (I wore plenty of sunscreen.  I am aware that I'm effectively a ghost), and free to focus on how warm the water was and playing around in the waves with my family.  It was the best.

Y'all, I can't stress this enough - love the body you're in as best you can.  It's the best place to be.  And despite what the haters say, this will not make you give up any healthy initiatives - if anything, seeing this picture and going, "Oh hey, I'm... okay!" totally renewed my commitment to taking really good care of myself.  

Because this is the body you've got, right?  The only one.  So be a good pal to that body and do what you can for it.  Eat good food, move happily, and when someone says, "Hey, wanna go to the beach?", throw on that fab swimsuit and take your rad body out for some sun.