Can She Ever!

Y'all, I am so inspired by the #thisgirlcan campaign!  If you haven't see it, the video is here, and it's gone viral.

Amazing.  I've been waiting so long to see bodies like mine represented as active, fit, strong, and busy getting it done.  What I love about this video is it's free from the male gaze (as much as anything ever is) -- it's clear that these women do not give two shits about what they look like to the audience.  They're just doing their thing. 

And if they look hot, great; it's probably because they're exerting a whole lotta force spinning, running, boxing, rowing, dancing, swimming, and rocking the team sports.  It's a byproduct of kicking ass, but not the purpose of kicking ass. 

Courtesy of the #thisgirlcan campaign.  Click to visit their site:

Courtesy of the #thisgirlcan campaign.  Click to visit their site:

Also, the jiggling is rad.  Contextualized this way, on actual women, with actual faces and heads and bodies, in good light, in women-identified spaces, it looks good.  These women are being active and fit, and that looks good in different sizes.

I'm super in love with this video and campaign.  Some coverage of the campaign here: The Guardian.  And you can read about the actual campaign and meet the women in it here: This Girl Can

Step 2: Feminist Beliefs

I feel like given yesterday's Confession, it's even more important that I finish my series on how to bounce back from negative body triggers

Step 2 of Beauty Redefined's plan is Feminist Beliefs.  Now, I know not all my readers are feminists, or even ladies, but here's why this is applicable to everyone: because Feminism at its core believes that all people are equal, regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or anything else.  We are all equally worthy - fat or thin, muscled or not.

Further, feminism gives us some valuable tools:

Women who had feminist beliefs experienced less shame and body dissatisfaction than women who didn’t subscribe to feminism.

Feminism provides women with an alternative way to interpret objectification, and offers specific strategies to resist these ideologies on a personal and societal level.

One of the most important feminist strategies is maintaining a critical awareness using media literacy to resist cultural messages about women’s bodies.

Women need coping strategies as a buffer against self-objectification, such as decreasing self-evaluative statements (“I look fat today”), substituting self-affirming statements (“I am capable of much more than looking hot”), and cognitive reframing of objectification (“that company wants me to feel bad so I’ll buy their product!”).
Beauty Redefined

So with all this in mind, let me give you some rad Feminist blogs that I heart mucho.

Ladies I don't know personally, but follow religiously:

Fit & Feminist - Cannon.  "Because it takes strong women to smash the patriarchy."
Favorite Article: My Husband is More to Me Than a Living Jar Opener

The Militant Baker - "What everyone is thinking but no one will say."
Favorite Article: Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls... So I Will

Bitch Media - I mean, you all know about this one right?  Also cannon.  So important.
Favorite Article: Ms. Opinionated: I'm So Lonely! And My Family is so Critical!

Ladies I know personally, and love tremendously:

Super Strength Health - the blog of my bestie, Lacy Davis, a rad vegan health coach
Favorite Article: How to calm the voices that tell you your body isn’t good enough

The Span of My Hips - Josey, who is mad smart, writes about body love, mental health and critical theory
Favorite Article: Why Capitalism Relies on You Feeling Shitty About Your Body (brainy, and good)

Whole Body Health - Julie is strong, compassionate, and awesome, and studying to be an R.D.
Favorite Article: Why Do We Keep Going On Diets If Diets Always Fail Us?

Rebel Grrrl Living - Raechel is a professor, vegan, and awesome lady.
Favorite Article: Fitspo and Healthy Living Memes: A problem of appropriation, decontextualization, & depoliticization (more food for your brain)


Add to your RSS feeds!  And refer back whenever you're having a bad body day.  You'll feel pretty badass in no time. <3

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