Four Elements Blog

Hi everyone!  Some cool news: I'm guest blogging over at the Four Elements Gym blog.  We're collaborating on a partnership where (full disclosure) I get to try out classes for free and see what I think.  This gym is a super rad, body-positive, martial arts focused gym in O-town, and I'm made excited to be working with them.

Four Elements.  Source:  Yelp

Four Elements.  Source: Yelp

When bloggers announce a new partnership, it often sounds a little hollow, all "I'm SO THRILLED to announce my blog being sponsored by Big Brand Name!"  That's not what this is at all. 

My content about stuff going on with them will stay over there.  Content over here will stay the same.  Speaking of, I've been a little quiet lately because of a bunch of work travel and birthday stuff, but I'll have a new post going up soon.

In the meantime, you can read my first post for them (which is very Super Balanced) over here: Three Kinds of Competition