Can She Ever!

Y'all, I am so inspired by the #thisgirlcan campaign!  If you haven't see it, the video is here, and it's gone viral.

Amazing.  I've been waiting so long to see bodies like mine represented as active, fit, strong, and busy getting it done.  What I love about this video is it's free from the male gaze (as much as anything ever is) -- it's clear that these women do not give two shits about what they look like to the audience.  They're just doing their thing. 

And if they look hot, great; it's probably because they're exerting a whole lotta force spinning, running, boxing, rowing, dancing, swimming, and rocking the team sports.  It's a byproduct of kicking ass, but not the purpose of kicking ass. 

Courtesy of the #thisgirlcan campaign.  Click to visit their site:

Courtesy of the #thisgirlcan campaign.  Click to visit their site:

Also, the jiggling is rad.  Contextualized this way, on actual women, with actual faces and heads and bodies, in good light, in women-identified spaces, it looks good.  These women are being active and fit, and that looks good in different sizes.

I'm super in love with this video and campaign.  Some coverage of the campaign here: The Guardian.  And you can read about the actual campaign and meet the women in it here: This Girl Can